Customer-specific milling cutters

Your needs and requirements

Mikron Tool produces tungsten carbide milling cutters according to your needs and requirements. 

  • You determines the operating conditions and the designated result and we define you a tool for you that matches them.
  • You already know the tool you want? We will gladly accept this input as well and will grind the tool using your drawing.
  • You've seen one of our milling tools with standard milling sizes from the CrazyMill family and you need it in a special length, in a special diameter or for the use of a special material? We will make you a tool with the geometry that suits you.
  • You have a new project and you need tools for optimal machining of a part? We will support you in the design, definition of geometries and determining the best parameters.

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Our offer

Mikron Tool offers its "customer-specific milling cutters" within the following range:


  • Diameter min: 0.3 mm (.0118”)
  • Diameter max: 32.0 mm (1.260”), bigger following specific request
  • Maximum tool length: 330 mm (12.992”)
  • Tolerance of tool diameters max.: ± 0.5 µm (.00002”)
  • Concentricity between shaft and tool diameters max.: 2 µm (.00008”)
  • Types of milling cutters: conical milling cutters, cylindrical milling tools, spherical milling tools, solid carbide circular saws (see chapter on circular saws), milling tools with chamfer, milling tools with corner radius, form milling tools, angle milling tools, solid carbide recess milling tools, rough and finish milling tools  etc.
  • Number of teeth: 1 up to 16
  • Cutting direction: right hand cutting or left hand cutting
  • Material for milling cutters: tungsten carbide, grade selection according to application
  • Material to be machined: for steel, corrosion resistant steels, i.e. stainless steels, titanium / titanium alloys, super alloys i.e. heat resistant alloys such as Inconel or Hastelloy, Cr-Co alloys, hardened steel up to 55HRC, aluminum / aluminum alloys, brass, copper, cast materials, etc.
  • Cooling:
    • Milling cutters with straight internal cooling ducts in the shaft
    • Milling cutters with internal cooling channels and special exit, for example in the flutes
    • Milling cutters to be used with external coolant supply
  • Type of shaft:
    • Cylindrical as per DIN 6535 HA
    • Cylindrical as per DIN 6535 HB (Weldon)
    • Others upon request
  • Coatings: Various, choice according to application
  • Treatments: Cutting edge preparation, polishing of flutes

Our features

High degree of precision / quality

All types of milling cutters are made with the highest degree of precision and repeat accuracy. This allows users to produce their end products reliably and with the desired precision. 

Short machining time

High feed rates are possible because of the use of high-grade carbide blanks, innovative cutting geometries and cooling systems as well as high-performance coatings always adapted to the specific application (for example, the material to be machined). The machining time is therefore extremely short.

Long tool life

The ideal combination of carbide, coating method, quantity and geometry of cutting edges combined with the machining parameters we recommend guarantees optimal tool life.

High degree of reliability

This is guaranteed at Mikron Tool especially by stable and manufacturing processes with a very high degree of repeat accuracy. A unique identification code on each tool shaft is used for tracking and quality Assurance.

Low machining costs

The use of Mikron Tool solid tungsten carbide tools translates to stable and smooth production. Machining costs are kept low due to short machining times, long tool life and the highest degree of precision.

Reduce tool costs in an
environmentally-friendly manner!  

Find out about tool recycling options when purchasing new tools. Regrinding tools is not only good for the environment but can reduce tool costs further. All parameters are taken from the manufacturing process for new tools: the same grinding machine, the same grinding wheels, the same grinding programs and a new original coating, new surface treatment and final quality control after the sharpening. This gives users the assurance that the quality of the re-ground tools is identical and they can continue machining with the same cutting values.

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Tools from Mikron Tool (whether standard or customized) are fabricated with the highest quality and repeat accuracy. Based on our many years of experience and expertise in the machining of "difficult materials" (for example, stainless steels), we can offer you profitable solutions. The result for you is a perfectly functioning tool during the entire production lifecycle of your tool.

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