Welcome to the team

Mikron Tool regularly searches competent employees in the technical, business and logistical areas for its different branches in Switzerland, Germany and the USA. Professions such as machining technician, precision engineering technician, general technician, tool specialists and tool grinders are in particular demand. Click here if you are interested in our and other open positions within the Mikron Group. Or send us a spontaneous application. We are a growing company and are always interested in talented and motivated employees. 

MTTT – Mikron Tool Training Team

Mikron Tool has organized a two-year training program of its own under this name in order to offer to graduates the possibility to learn about machining technology. In the course of one year, the participant passes through all important departments of the company, from the use of the grinding machine to the programming, work preparation and quality control. In the second year, he/she learns to support concrete customer projects, becomes familiar with the business aspects and is in direct contact with the customers. Only at the end he/she decides where his/her capabilities can be used and then starts to use his/her experience in a Mikron Tool branch.

"Thanks to my training at Mikron Tool, I now have an optimal and wide-ranging base. I am glad now to be able to use my competences in various areas and at different locations." This is a statement of Ms. Mauch, one of the first participants in the Mikron Tool training team.

Interested? Click here to contact us for more information.