CrazyDrill Flex
Flexibility and deep hole drilling

Shorter processing time* -
up to 10 times faster when drilling small deep holes

  • Quick, dynamic drill strokes
  • Highest drilling speeds
  • 8 – 10 x faster than gun drilling, small hole EDM or laser technology
  • CrazyDrill Flex can be integrated in the normal cutting process and used in all types of standard drilling machines (machining center, automatic lathe, transfer machine), not necessary gun drilling machine

*The comparison takes into consideration the drills and drilling methods available on the market as well as the processing parameters recommended by the manufacturers.

Long tool life

  • Special carbide: high fracture toughness with very high wear resistance
  • Drill with integrated cooling in version 50 x d (Steel and Titanium) and for all drilling depths for CrazyDrill Flex SST-Inox: constant, targeted coolant jet to the drill tip; continuous flushing away of the chips from the helical grooves; cooling independent of protruding edges
  • CrazyDrill Flex have, compared to HSS drills (HSS drill test), a 10 to 20 times longer tool life. Cutting speed of CrazyDrill Flex vs. the cutting speed of HSS drills: At the same feed rate, CrazyDrill Flex permits considerably higher cutting speeds which results in significantly faster processing time than with the HSS drills

High process reliability -
high productivtiy

  • Short chips thanks to the special tip geometry
  • Thanks to a flexible center piece with a reduced cross-section, CrazyDrill Flex can easily compensate center offsets of up to 40 % of its diameter without breaking off
  • The innovative drill point geometry reduces the feed force up to 50 % and lowers the heat significantly
  • Centering and pre-drilling with CrazyDrill Flexpilot 3 x d (for the versions Steel and Titanium), with CrazyDrill Pilot SST-Inox for CrazyDrill Flex SST-Inox, no jamming during follow-up drilling
  • Clearly defined drilling process (deep drilling cycle with chip breaking and chip removal) with data for the respective steps (Q) as well as reference values for feed and cutting speeds for the most common materials

High precision

  • Achieving very accurate hole diameters and high positioning precision
  • Innovative tip configuration: The feed force is reduced up to 50 % resulting in high alignment and perpendicularity accuracy
  • A standard shaft of 3 mm (.118”) guarantees precise clamping in the tool holder

Lower manufacturing costs* -
up to 90% lower processing costs

  • Shorter machining time: up to 10 times faster
  • Higher process reliability: due to up to 50 % reduced feed force
  • No special machine tool required (such as deep hole drilling system – for example a gun drilling machine -, EDM or laser machine)
    at Ø < 0.8 mm (.031")

*The comparison takes into consideration the drills and drilling methods available on the market as well as the processing parameters recommended by the manufacturers.

Coordinated and complete drilling program

  • CrazyDrill Flexpilot (Steel coated and uncoated, Titanium) with fine-tuned diameter tolerance for the follow-up drill CrazyDrill Flex Steel and Titanium, CrazyDrill Pilot SST-Inox for follow-up drill CrazyDrill Flex SST-Inox
  • Range of drill sizes: 0.1 mm – 2.0 mm (.004” - .079”); coated version for steel and version for stainless materials in fractional inches available
  • Increments: every 0.05 mm (.002”) on stock, every 0.01 mm (.004”) upon request
  • CrazyDrill Flex with usable length of 20 x d, 30 x d and 50 x d
  • Boring tools examples:
    • CrazyDrill Flex Steel (coated and uncoated) ideally suited for steels (best drill bit for steel), cast iron, aluminum alloys, brass and bronze
    • CrazyDrill Flex Titanium  ideally suited for long-chip materials such as titanium and copper
    • CrazyDrill Flex SST-Inox for stainless materials and brass lead-free

Special characteristics

  • High cutting speed for high productivity
  • Long tool life
  • Process-reliable:
    • No nesting of chips
    • No chipping of the cutting edge
    • Good chip evacuation
  • Can be used with cutting oil and water based coolant
  • Also suitable for plexiglass and plastic material
  • Version 50 x d (for CrazyDrill SST-Inox also 30 x d): integrated coolant holes thru the shank
  • Mikron Tool produces all tools with highest repeat precision. Hence the user will benefit from long term stable production conditions (stable process and machining precision)

Mold component

Ventilator hole