CrazyDrill Pilot SST-Inox -
efficient pilot drilling in stainless steel

With CrazyDrill Pilot SST-Inox, Mikron Tool introduces a pilot and short drill for stainless steels, heat-resistant and CrCo alloys in the diameter range of 0.2 mm to 2.0 mm (.008” to .079”, fractional inches available). This pilot drill is coated, has a cutting edge for 90° chamfer, integrated through-tool coolant channels in the shaft and a digressive helical flute. As pilot drill it is the ideal complement of the twist drill types CrazyDrill SST-Inox and CrazyDrill Flex SST-Inox and it is suitable as well for short drilling up to a drilling depth of 3 x d.

Micro pilot and short drill for stainless steel 

Center drill, pilot drill, chamfer tool, short drill: CrazyDrill Pilot SST-Inox ensures an efficient machining of stainless steel, super alloys, CrCo alloys and brass lead-free. With its digressive helical flute, the drill guarantees good chip removal characteristics, producing short chips which are flushed reliably and safely. The integrated cooling channels in the shaft ensure an efficient coolant jet, flush away the chips from the flute and keep the temperature under control. The result is a significantly longer tool life. Also without internal cooling (with external cooling) CrazyDrill Pilot SST-Inox is an excellent pilot drill. Note: In case of external cooling reduce vc and f of 20%. 

This pilot and short drill for stainless steel, heat-resistant and CrCo alloys is coated with a high-performance coating which provides thermal protection.

Important: Adapted to the CrazyDrill Program

CrazyDrill Pilot SST-Inox is the perfect preparation for deep hole drilling with CrazyDrill Flex SST-Inox or CrazyDrill SST-Inox. Drilling quality (position and alignment accuracy, no measurable transition from pilot to follow-up hole) and stable machining process are assured due to matched diameters of the tools.

Pilot drilling and chamfering in one step

An additional cutting edge for 90° chamfer (countersink drill bit) allows, simultaneously with the pilot bore, the placement of a 90° countersink, hence an additional chamfer tool becomes redundant. Furthermore this tool can also be used as a short drill for drilling depths of up to 3 x d.

Your personal CrazyDrill Pilot SST-Inox

Mikron Tool also offers CrazyDrill Pilot SST-Inox in client-specific variants:

  • Counterclockwise drill
  • Drills with  diameters and lengths varying from the standard program
  • Drill with different chamfering angles

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