CrazyMill Cool P&S square and corner radius – roughing and finishing milling cutter for slots and pockets in many applications

Medical Application

Aerospace Application

Mechanical engineering Application


CrazyMill Cool P&S square / corner radius is a through coolant tungsten carbide plunge milling cutter ie. drill-mill with high process safety, long tool life and fast machining time for milling of stainless, acid and heat resistant steels as well as CrCo alloys, titanium and titanium alloys. It is equally adapted for milling of steel alloys, aluminum, copper, brass or bronze which makes it an universally usable milling bit. It is used very successfully in the area of micro precision such as watch and jewelry industries, medical device technology, dental technology, automotive industries, food processing, tool and die making, machine building, energy and power generation, oil, gas and aerospace.

Application examples for CrazyMill Cool P&S

Medical Technology

Material: Titanium TiGr5 ELI


  • Hip stem, tools number 1, process number 2 (example: r:0.5mm, helical interpolation milling α:15°, r:0.5mm side milling finishing)

Aerospace Industry

Material: X5NiCrTi26-15 / 1.4943 / Incoloy A-286
               X12Cr13 / 1.4006 / AISI 410


  • Turbine plate, tools number 1, process number 2 (example: r:0.2mm roughing-slotting, r:0.2mm finishing-slotting)
  • Impeller, tools number 1, process number 2 (example: r:0.5mm roughing-slotting, r:0.5mm finishing-slotting)

Mechanical Engineering

Material: X40CrMoV5-1 / 1.2344 / AISI H13


  • Transmission system, tools number 1, process number 1, (example: r:0.2mm, slotting)

Automotive Industry

Material: GGG60 / 0.7060 / ASTM 80-60-03


  • Gearbox housing, tools number 1, process number 2 (example: r:0.1mm, linear ramp milling α:45°, r:0.1mm, slotting)