Accurate and quick
centering and drilling

Centering/pilot drilling and drilling 

Because of its special drill tip geometry MiquDrill 210 has a high degree of self-centering capability and can therefore be used on regular and straight surfaces without a centering or pilot hole.

Higher requirements: in irregular surfaces, surface-hardened materials, inclined surfaces or for the highest degree of position accuracy:

MiquDrill 210, the centering drill MiquDrill Centro and the short drill MiquDrill 200 are the perfect combination. Creating a center with the MiquDrill Centro or pilot drilling with the short drill MiquDrill 200 guarantees the starting position for precise drilling (position accuracy) and a stable machining process. The pilot drill CrazyDrill Crosspilot does the same when drilling on inclined surfaces. The centering or pilot drill is a guarantee for position accuracy due to its short and sturdy design. Moreover, the follow-up drill MiquDrill 210 is guided by the centering or pilot hole, thus guaranteeing perpendicularity and alignment accuracy (straightness).

Predetermined tool tolerance guarantees the hole quality as well as a stable machining process (no jamming).

Tolerance of the pilot drill MiquDrill 200: 0 mm/- 0.006 mm (.0“ /- .00024“) (h6)

Tolerance of the pilot drill CrazyDrill Crosspilot (inclined holes): 0 mm/+ 0.006 mm (.0“ /+ .00024“) (k6)

Tolerance of the follow-up drill MiquDrill 210: 0 mm/- 0.006 mm (.0“ /- .00024“) (h6)

Drilling process

General information

In the industry of metal work tools, shorter processing times are always in high demand. At the same time, the requirements to the manufacturing precision and the process reliability are extremely high. In order to fulfill these requirements, the "machine tool – spindle – tool – tool holder" system need to be considered as a whole (see additional info).

For the use of the MiquDrill Centro, MiquDrill 200 and MiquDrill 210, Mikron Tool has defined a fast and reliable procedure which achieves optimal drilling results.

  • Center drilling (in one step) with MiquDrill Centro
  • Drilling:
    • In one step with MiquDrill 200
    • With pecks (deep-drilling cycle with chip break and chip removal) with MiquDrill 210

MiquDrill Centro

  • Activate external cooling
  • Go down at drilling speed and feed rate (see cutting data) and drill in one step  


  • After the drill reached desired cutting depth, return at feed rate or rapid traverse

MiquDrill 200: Drilling with one step

  • Activate external cooling
  • Go down at drilling speed and feed rate (see cutting data) and drill in one step  


  • After the drill reached desired cutting depth, return at feed rate or rapid traverse

MiquDrill 210: Drilling according to DIN 66025/PAL

G83 deep-drilling cycle with chip break and chip removal (pecks)
Q = depth of the respective peck

1. Centering hole/pilot drilling as required:




2. First peck Q1:

  • Drill with MiquDrill 210 up to maximum drilling depth Q1 in one step , then remove chips


3. Additional pecks Qx (see cutting data chart), then remove chips

MikronTool-Products-Process-Drilling-depth-Q1-Qx-more-pilot drill


Between  pecks, take the drill completely out from the bore, flush out the chips with coolant and cool the drill.
If  vibrations occur, we do not recommend that the drill be retracted completely from the hole.

Tested and approved

Mikron Tool has determined the ideal cutting parameters (drilling speed to tool life ratio and process reliability) when using MiquDrill Centro, MiquDrill 200 and MiquDrill 210. These are listed in the cutting data tables according to drill diameter, drilling depth and material to be machined. The detailed cutting data tested by Mikron Tool, such as cutting speed Vc, feed rate f and drilling impact Q, permit a quick and secure machining.

The overview of the cutting values table according to material group, material type, hardness degree and tensile strength, material number, DIN and AISI/ASTM/UNS permits quick determination of the parameters to be used.


An impact-resistant and user-friendly drill packaging is absolutely necessary for MiquDrill. Mikron Tool offers the tools from the MiquDrill family in a high-grade reusable packaging. MiquDrill Centro in package units of 3 pieces. MiquDrill 200/210 in package units of 5 pieces.

Notes or further questions

You can find indications about tool holders, cooling and lubrication under the column "Additional Info".

Mikron Tool has an international team of cutting technology experts who are pleased to answer your questions (how to use a drill, tools, machines, tool holders, cooling, machining process…).

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