CrazyDrill Cool – the small drill
with through-tool cooling
for drilling deep holes

Short machining time

  • Maximum drilling speed
  • No finishing thanks to the high surface quality
  • Drill in one step or in few chip removal cycles (pecks)

Excellent tool life

  • Version CrazyDrill Cool CS with high-performance coating for thermal protection as well as wear protection for drilling in steels, alloyed steels and titanium
  • Version CrazyDrill Cool CA without coating, extremely smooth flutes, sharp and with cutting-edge treatment for high stability and tool life for aluminum, brass and bronze
  • Two internal cooling channels provide for optimal cooling at the tip
  • Power chamber in the shaft up to drill size diameter of 2.95 mm (.116”)
    • Sufficiently large coolant flow even at lower pressure
    • Greater coolant flow at identical pressure

High process reliability

  • Special flute form for optimized chip removal
  • Clearly defined drilling process
  • Thanks to the power chamber, a good lubricating and cooling effect is achieved even at a lower pressure

Highest precision

  • Highest alignment accuracy
  • High surface quality and diameter accuracy
  • High degree of perpendicularity and hole roundness
  • Coordinated drilling program (tip angle and diameter tolerance) with two types of drill bits CrazyDrill Pilot or CrazyDrill Crosspilot: centering and pilot drilling in one step, hence high-precision guidance of follow-up drilling using a long drill

Low production costs /
High cost-effectiveness

  • Quicker drilling process
  • Excellent tool life
  • High process reliability
  • Regrinding drills from drill size diameter of 1.4 mm (.055”): The drill with through-tool cooling can be reground and recoated. With this tool costs are being reduced
  • Can replace expensive deep-hole drilling (for example with gun drilling machine)
  • No follow up machine finishing thanks to excellent hole quality

Coordinated and complete drilling program

  • As perfect hole preparation for long drills and high-precision position accuracy of the follow-up drilling (no deviation), Mikron Tool recommends the use of the following boring tools examples: pilot drill/centering tool CrazyDrill Pilot; or for a hole on an inclined surface with an angle of up to 60° CrazyDrill Crosspilot
  • Diameter range 0.75 mm – 6 mm (.030” - .236”, coated version with fractional inches available), drilling depths up to 6 x d / 10 x d / 15 x d
  • Increments: up to 4 mm (.157”) diameter every 0.05 mm (.002”), from 4 mm (.157”) diameter every 0.10 mm (.004”)
  • Tip angle 140°, matched with the CrazyDrill pilot drill program

Special characteristics

  • Drill with through-tool cooling in small diameters
  • Maximum drilling speed due to high cooling capacity
  • Excellent drilling precision
  • Minimum chip removal
  • Latest-generation solid tungsten carbide
  • Coated or uncoated
  • Suitable for difficult-to-machine materials, in the uncoated version also excellent when used as an aluminum drill
  • Can replace expensive deep-hole drilling (gundrill)
  • Can be reground and recoated; drilling performance of a re-sharpened CrazyDrill Cool in terms of performance, precision and hole quality is equal to a new drill
  • Mikron Tool produces all tools with highest repeat precision. Hence the user will benefit from long term stable production conditions (stable process and machining precision)