CrazyDrill Cool SST-Inox, especially developed for stainless steel, heat-, acid-resistant alloys and CrCo alloys, is available in the drill size diameter range of 1 mm up to 6.35 mm (.039“ up to .250“, fractional inches available) and for drilling depths up to 40 x d. Thanks to a new generation of cooling channels, up to four times more coolant flow reaches the tool tip.

For drilling depths up to 6 x d centering is not necessary on straight surfaces. Mikron Tool recommends pilot drilling or centering only on irregular, rough (with CrazyDrill Coolpilot) or inclined surfaces (with CrazyDrill Crosspilot) and if high position accuracy is required.

For drilling depths over 6 x d, Mikron Tool recommends pilot drilling with CrazyDrill Coolpilot or CrazyDrill Crosspilot on inclined surfaces.