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CrazyMill Chamfer – one program,
many applications

Mechanical engineering

Deburr edges or holes? Create chamfers in components? Deburr front or back? Chamfer complex geometries? These tasks are solved by the four tool types with flying colors, allowing use in all industrial sectors. All four deburring and milling tools can be used in the greatest variety of materials such as general or stainless steels, aluminum, copper, brass, bronze, tempered steels, cast iron, titanium and titanium alloys. They are especially suitable in applications where high quality and precision are required in a small area: automotive sector, fuel injection technology, medical technology, dental equipment, watch industry, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering.

Sample applications for the CrazyMill Chamfer chamfering and deburring tools 

Medical technology

Material: Titanium


  • Surgical plier, reverse deburring of holes (example Ø 2.0 mm (.079“) deburred the backside using Backchamfer tool in Titanium Grade5)

Automotive industry

Material: various


  • ABS component, deburring of valve body (example Ø 3.0 mm (.118“) backside deburring using Backchamfer tool and Ø 2.0 mm (.079“) frontside deburring using Frontchamfer tool in aluminum )
  • Pump housing deburring  (example: Radiuschamfer Ø 2 mm (.079“) in CK45)
  • Gear, deburring of both sides of various holes (example: Ø 4.0 mm (.157“) Frontchamfer and Backchamfer in 16MnCrS5 / 1.7131)
  • Valve rocker arm, deburring of backside (example: Ø 3.7 mm (.146“) reverse deburring using Backchamfer tool in steelcasting)
  • Bushing deburring (example: reverse deburring of Ø 1.9 mm (.075“) and 9.5 mm (.374“) deep using Backchamfer)
  • Common Rail Component, deburring of hole intersections (example: using Ø 1.0 mm (.039“) Radiuschamfer  in 15 NiCrMo 16-4 / 1.6722)
  • Common Rail Component  „Body“, deburring of hole intersections (example: using Ø 3.0 mm (.118“) Radiuschamfer tool in 15CrMo5 / 1.7262)

Mechanical engineering

Material: various


  • Gear housing, deburring of holes and contours (example: using  Ø 4.0 mm (.157“) Front- and Backchamfer tools as well as Ø 6 mm (.236“) Radiuschamfer tool in in aluminumcasting)
  • Unlocking bolt, deburring of crosshole (example: Ø 1.0 mm (.039“) and Ø 1.7 mm (.067“) Radiuschamfer in 1.4301/ X5CrNi18-10 / AISI 304)
  • Spray nozzles for high pressure cleaning system, deburring of inside contour (example: Ø 5.0 mm (.197“) in 1.4404 / X2CrNiMo17-12-2 / AISI 316L using custom made Radiuschamfer)