MiquDrill – fits every application

Short machining time

  • High drilling speeds (cutting speeds and feed rates)
  • No or minimum chip removal cycles

Long tool life

  • Tungsten carbide drill for greater challenges also as a version with high-performance coating
  • MiquDrill carbide drill bits reach a significantly longer tool life with similar feed rates as HSS drills

High process reliability -
high productivtiy

  • Short chips: especially polished cutting edge
  • Clearly defined drilling process and adapted program with centering drill and follow-up drill

Low production costs

  • Shorter machining time: MiquDrill drills, operating at similar feed rates as HSS drills, are much faster since higher cutting speeds can be reached
  • Reduced tool wear due to high-performance coating
  • High degree of reliability
  • Cost-effective drill program, universally applicable

High degree of precision

  • Precision drill diameter: h6
  • High position accuracy with centering drill or short drill and follow-up drill
  • High degree of roundness
  • High degree of alignment accuracy

The complete drilling program from MiquDrill 

MiquDrill Centro – the NC first drill for the hole to be positioned correctly right

  • Diameter of 0.5 mm to 6 mm (.0197ˮ to .236ˮ)  (for follow-up holes from 0.1 mm (.0039“))
  • Optional tip angle of 90° or 120°
  • Diameter tolerance drill h6
  • Uncoated/coated

MiquDrill 200 – the accurate short drill and pilot drill for deep follow-up holes

  • Drill bit sizes from 0.1 mm to 1.5 mm (.0039ˮ to .059ˮ)
  • Increments every 0.01 mm (.0004ˮ)
  • Tip angle: 120°
  • Diameter tolerances: drill h6, shaft h7
  • Uncoated/coated (from 0.3 mm (.0118ˮ))
  • Usable length 1.4 x d – 2.4 x d (depending on the diameter)

MiquDrill 210 – the universal drill where quality is the standard

  • Diameter from 0.1 mm to 3 mm (.0039ˮ à .118ˮ)
  • Increments every 0.01 mm (.0004ˮ) to diameter of 2 mm (.0787ˮ), afterwards every 0.05 mm (.0019ˮ)
  • Tip angle: 120°
  • Diameter tolerances: drill h6, shaft h7
  • Uncoated/coated (from 0.3 mm (.0118ˮ))
  • Usable length 2.4 x d to 8 x d (depending on the diameter)

Special characteristics

  • MiquDrill means Mikron Tool quality in the production of small and medium size batches  with a range of variants at a high degree of precision
  • Complete drilling program which covers the entire spectrum from centering to finish-drilling
  • Drills in diameters from 0.1 mm (.0039ˮ) and in the smallest increments (from 0.01 mm (.0004ˮ))
  • All three MiquDrill industrial drills are made of tungsten carbide, have two cutting edges and are right hand cutting
  • Suitable for many different metals; as a best drill bit for steel MiquDrill is a cost-effective alternative to the high-performance drill CrazyDrill Steel; especially suitable for the machining of small and medium size batches and where small increments are required
  • All drills are available uncoated (from drill diameter of 0.1 mm (.0039ˮ)) and coated (from drill diameter of 0.3 mm (.0118ˮ))
  • All MiquDrill drill bits are produced with highest repeat precision. Hence the user will benefit from long term stable production conditions (stable process and machining precision)