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CrazyMill & CrazyDrill Hexalobe –
turn-key solution for Titanium and Stainless Steel



CrazyMill & CrazyDrill Hexalobe, a perfect machining strategy for hex lobular shapes, better known as Torx®, in Titanium or Stainless Steel. Thanks to this new machining concept, medical screws can be produced with highest efficiency and profile precision, excellent surface quality and minimal burrs. Segment: Medical industry.

Application example for Hexalobe product family

Medical technology

Material: TiAl6C4 (Titanium Grade 5)

Component: Bone screw with profile T10; machining time 23 sec.

  • Operation 1 and 2: drilling and chamfering with CrazyDrill Hexalobe Ø 1.9 mm with 120° chamfer
    Parameter: N = 5000 rpm; f = 0.05 mm/rev.
  • Operation 3: milling with CrazyMill Hexalobe Ø 0.4 mm (4 flutes); milling depth 3.5 x d
    Parameter: helical interpolation XYZ; N = 50’000 rpm; vf = 225 mm/min; ap = 0.25 mm; total depth 1.4 mm
  • Operation 4: deburring with CrazyDrill Hexalobe Ø 1.9 mm with 120° chamfer
    Parameter: N = 3200 rpm; f = 0.02 mm/rev
  • Quality:
    Perpendicularity: deviation 0.005 mm
    Perfect profile matching
    Surface quality Ra 0.2 µm / Rz 0.8 µm