CrazyDrill Twicenter 
even centering can be cool

Short machining time

  • With CrazyDrill Twicenter, the drill with through-tool cooling, centering and chamfering take place in one step
  • Higher cutting speeds possible than with commercially available centering tools because of perfect cooling and tip geometry

Long tool life

  • Through-tool coolant supply guarantees the best cooling and lubrication
  • Center drill with high-performance coating
  • Short chisel edge reduces feed force and pressure on the tip
  • Stable and strong 130° drill tip even at narrow chamfer angles of 60° and 90°

High process reliability

  • Secure centering due to strong tip angle:
    • The 130° tip angle allows free chip flow directly into the flute
    • Together with the reduced chisel edge decreases the pressure on the tip
  • Optimal cooling and lubrication by means of through-coolant supply even in difficult-to-access spots
  • Due to through-tool cooling these drill bits for metal perform reliably even in difficult-to-machine materials such as stainless steels, titanium and super alloys

High degree of precision

  • High degree of roundness and alignment accuracy
  • High position accuracy because of a sturdy design
  • High degree of precision for follow-up drilling because of centering and chamfering in one step, CrazyDrill Twicenter is therefore the ideal partner for long drills (every type of drill bits of the CrazyLine)

Low production costs -

 high cost-effectiveness

  • Longest tool life due to through-tool cooling and high-performance coating
  • Shorter machining time: Centering and chamfering in one step, high cutting speeds
  • High degree of process reliability due to optimal tip geometry
  • CrazyDrill Twicenter can be reground: this means lower tool costs

Coordinated and complete drilling program

  • All CrazyDrill Twicenter are solide carbide drill bits for centering and suitable for the preparation of holes in various diameters and for various wide chamfers
  • Suitable for types of drills from the CrazyDrill series with a 130° tip angle such as CrazyDrill SST-Inox, or a 140° angle such as CrazyDrill Cool and others
  • Because of through-tool cooling it is especially recommended for drilling in stainless steel
  • Diameter range 0.3 mm – 6 mm (.0118" – .236") (center), 1 mm – 10 mm (.0393" – .394") (chamfer)
  • Three versions for different chamfers:
    • 60° chamfer and good stability because of "double" tip (130° tip angle)
    • 90° chamfer and good stability because of "double" tip (130° tip angle);
    • 120° chamfer with the same tip angle (120°)

Special characteristics

  • Centering tool made of tungsten carbide
  • Drill with through-tool cooling for simultaneous centering and chamfering
  • High process reliability due to strong tip angle
  • Longer tool life due to through-tool cooling and high-performance coating
  • Every CrazyDrill Twicenter center drill is suitable for various drill bits sizes
  • Recommended for machines with and without through-tool cooling (for example small CNC milling machines, different types of drilling machines or rotary transfer machines)
  • Can be reground and recoated; the drilling performance of a re-sharpened CrazyDrill Twicenter is equal to a new drill in terms of performance, precision and hole quality
  • Mikron Tool produces all types of drill bits with the highest degree of repeat accuracy. The user therefore has the benefit of long-term stability in production (reliability and precision of machining)