CrazyDrill Coolpilot
Highest precision for difficult materials

Shorter machining time*

  • Pilot drilling and chamfering in one step (countersink drill bit)
  • High cutting speed
  • Drilling in one single step (no pecking)

*Comparison based on drilling tools available in the market for stainless, acid-resistant and heat-resistant steel and machining parameters recommended by manufacturers.

Long tool life

  • 4 times more cooling performance avoids overheating of the cutting edges
  • High-performance coating protects tungsten carbide drill from wear
  • Specially developed micro-grain tungsten carbide: high fracture toughness and thermal shock resistance
  • Longer tool life for the follow-up drill since it is guided in the pilot hole with coordinated tip angle. No risk of cutting edge breakage

High process reliability -
high productivtiy

  • New generation of helical cooling channels:
    • Up to four times more coolant volume reaches the drill tip
    • The result is continuous and efficient chip removal as well as constant and substantial cooling of cutting edges
  • No drill or chip jamming
    • Short, compact and curved chips: special chip breaker shape of front chip flute area
    • Perfect chip removal: thanks to an extended flute shape of rear chip flute area
  • Cylindrical guidance of the follow-up drilling ensures highest precision
  • Simultaneous chamfering with 90° angle replaces countersink drill bit  
  • No jamming of the follow-up drill CrazyDrill Cool SST-Inox due to diameter tolerances perfectly matched of both tools

High degree of precision – thanks to matched tolerances

  • High degree of position accuracy and straightness due to sturdy design
  • Double guiding margin ensures highest degree of straightness and surface quality
  • Best drill bit for stainless steel with good centering properties due to tip angle with small transverse cutting and chisel „s“-form
  • Highest degree of precision and straightness since the pilot drill creates a guide bore, thus guiding the follow-up drill ideally
  • No measurable transition from pilot hole size to follow-up deep hole size

Lower production costs* 

  • Pilot drilling up to 3 x d and chamfer of 90° in one step and with one tool
  • Short machining time
  • Long tool life due to heavy cooling
  • Long tool life and high reliability of the follow-up drill through matched tolerances and tip angles 

*Comparison based on drilling tools available in the market for stainless, acid-resistant and heat-resistant steel and machining parameters recommended by manufacturers.

Coordinated and complete drilling program

  • Pilot drill CrazyDrill Coolpilot with matched diameter tolerances for follow-up twist drill type CrazyDrill Cool SST-Inox
  • Drill size diameter range: solid carbide drill bit 1.0 mm – 6.35 mm (.039“ – .250“, fractional inches available)
  • Increments: up to 4 mm (.157”) every 0.05 mm (.002”), 4 to 6 mm (.157” to .236”) every 0.1 mm (.0039”)
  • Drilling depth: up to 3 x d

Special characteristics

  • Pilot drilling and chamfering (90°) with one tool possible
  • Pilot drill with through-tool coolant: new concept of helicoidal internal coolant channels (shape of a drop) supply up to 4 times more coolant flow, this guarantees an optimal cooling and chip evacuation
  • Double guiding margin ensures highest degree of straightness, roundness and surface quality
  • Sturdy tungsten carbide shaft guarantees stability, high concentricity and therefore highest degree of drilling precision
  • Specially developed micro-grain solid carbide with high degree of fracture toughness allows drilling at high cutting speed
  • Wear- and heat-resistant high-performance coating eXedur SNP
  • Compact, short and curved chips thanks to new chip flute profile with chip breaker shape
  • High degree of precision for the follow-up drilling guaranteed, no deviation in deep holes
  • Diameter measurements, increments and tolerances matched to CrazyDrill Cool SST-Inox, therefore higher tool life for follow-up drill
  • Can be reground and recoated from 1.4 mm (.055“): drilling performance of a re-sharpened CrazyDrill Coolpilot in terms of performance, precision and hole quality is equal to a new drill
  • Mikron Tool produces all tools with highest repeat precision. Hence the user will benefit from long term stable production conditions (stable process and machining precision)