A small tool on the top !

- CrazyMill Cool, a small endmill winner of Prodex Award 2014

The objective for each future-oriented company is to propose innovative products to the customers. Receiving an award for an innovation is motivating to continue with future developments. This is also valid for Mikron Tool SA Agno, the winner of the Prodex Award 2014, a prize awarded during the Prodex fair in Basel every second year: an award for the most innovative products in the area of manufacturing. Admitted are all products which have been developed in the last two years; evaluation criteria is the level of innovation, the impact in the manufacturing industry and the “Wow-factor”.  After the success two years ago, when we arrived on the second place, now Mikron Tool is particularly proud to win the 1st place. The Swiss cutting tool producer won with CrazyMill Cool, a small solid carbide Endmill. This new tool with a diameter range from 0.3 up to 6 mm can be called a quantum leap in milling technology. Due to a new geometry, new coating and integrated cooling, the volume of evacuation, based on the material, is up to 20 x (!) higher. The crazy mill achieves its highest performance mainly in machining of so called hard-to-machine materials, as the various categories of stainless and acid-resistant steels (ferritic, martensitic, austenitic), but also titanium, chrome-cobalt alloys, lead free brass or Super alloys.  

Innovations and crazy developments are an important part of the company philosophy. Not for nothing, all standardized drills and mills have the addition „crazy“ in their name. Actually the R&D department is focused on the efficient machining of small and smallest diameters in materials which cause a headache to users to date. Quick, precise and process reliable machining is also here our slogan.